Words Of Love


#3 – Defeat Your Giant

You may be facing a giant in your life today. A giant is a huge, living being or thing of extraordinary size or powers: Your giant may be sickness, a controversy you are struggling

with, a financial need, problems with your children/spouse, etc… Just know whatever giant you’re facing may be too big for you but just right for God. God is a Giant-Killer. So precious Children of God don’t be scared. You have a secret weapon. When David defeated the giant Goliath, he knew he had a covenant with God. We too have a covenant through Jesus Christ that was bought with his blood. Jesus had paid the price for all of our needs. All we have to do is Believe It and Receive It by faith. So don’t let any giant intimidate you. Remember you have a blood covenant with the Almighty God.

Isaiah 65:24

Before you call – I will answer
While you’re speaking I will hear
I am always ready listening
Child of mind, I’m always near

Never fear how hard the problems
Or the burdens that you bear
I already have the answer
At the right time I’ll be there.

Remember man is finite
What’s ahead he cannot see
But your God is not this blinded
He sees through eternity.

I have a thousand ways to help you
Let faith and trust replace your fear
Before you call, I will answer
While you’ve yet speaking, I will hear.

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