More Words Of Love

ophelia_ransom#2 – God Releases in 2008

Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good and his mercy endureth forever. I would like to wish you a “Happy New Year” and to encourage you by saying this is a year of “New Beginnings” for Christians. This is a year where God is going to release blessings to his people so whatever you need God has it, whether you need salvation, deliverance, finance, and your needs met, healing, peace of mind, etc… The Lord has your back! It says in God’s word, the Lord is present to help, but you must believe. So rejoice, “The Best of Yet to Come!” Here’s something to think about as a Christians.

 Could I be called a Cristian

If everybody knew
My secret thoughts and feelings
And everything I do

Could they see the likeness
Of Christ in me each day
Or could they hear him speaking
In every word I say

Could I be called a Christian
If everyone could know
That I am found in places
Where Jesus would not go

Could they hear his echo
In every song I sing
In my eating, drinking or my dressing
Could Christ be presented in what I bring

Could I be called a Christian
If judged by what I read
By all my recreations
And every thought and deed

Could I be counted Christ-like
As now I work and pray
Unselfish, kind and forgiving
To others everyday

Love you,
God bless!

#1 – I’m Min. Ophelia Ransom, a native of Terrell, Texas, whom God has blessed with two beautiful children, Karen and Willie Tarqton. I’m also blessed to have three grandchildren. God has called me from sin to holiness (righteous living) and to be his servant. Going through many trials in my life, I want to encourage you not to let a “Knock Down be a Knock Out.” As long as you’re Knocked Down, you can get up and fight the good fight of faith. I’m a minister at The Love and Praise Fellowship Church in Garland, Texas, under the leadership of a great anointed pastor Bishop Jerry Potts. Special thanks to my children’s god-father, a long time friend, Mr. Lawyer Denson.


In God’s holy servant
Just fighting for a crown
I will not let old Satan
Turn my feet around.

I could not play with God
And that I must admit
I could not be a phoney
Nor a hypocrite.

There a so many people
Who have turned from their God above
Having a form of Godliness
But denying the powers thereof.

But me, I want to be real
To Jesus Christ my Lord
And when my life is over
I’ll get a just reward.

Now in my closing words
I say to one and all
God is going to judge your works
Whether they be large or small.

You won’t be judged by the
shouts and the dance.
You won’t be judged by the
clapping of your hands.

You won’t be judged by the
praises you give.
But you’re going to be judged
By the life you live.

(God Bless You)

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